There once was a little girl with a little curl right in the middle of her…

Ah, fuck it.

There once was a little girl and she went through a bunch of shit plus her brain skipped mixology class so the doctors said she had Major Depression Disorder and Intermittent Reactive Anxiety, plus Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and just for fun they threw in a free Panic Disorder.

Now she’s writing a blog so she doesn’t lose her mind completely (between the various diseases and their various treatments and the side effects of those treatments and the doctors prescribing those treatments who don’t warn about the side effects and the side effects of knowing she has those diseases). She’s writing about the fact that mental illness is brutal. It’s ruthless and it’s ugly.

It’s eating away at my soul. I have to tell the truth about that.

But I like beauty.

So, I’m going to try to figure out how to do Sickness In Style.